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5th Mega Doodle Dump :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 846 94
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Jannice M
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Deviantart ID was created by Pinkmermaid1


Hey, my names Jannice and im 18 years old. I am studying in a university to get a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, also a minor in education to possibly teach. I want to major/study in the fields of Animation, Storyboards and Illustration (leaning to concept art). My goal and dream is to become an Art Director in possibly all of those fields, I know the way is long ahead but I will do whatever is possible to learn and continue to make mistakes, progress and further into this goal. My motivation as an artist is to illustrate stories of my own but also of others, animate and storyboard or help to create. I hope you stick around to what I do, even though its my way of experimenting but I do love to create my own cartoons and such. Drop by and say hi! I dont bite haha.

Discord ID: JaneSonia#2266
All my main ocs (even secondaries) have a ''slick'' version of themselves (Slick meaning make someone or something smart, tidy, or stylish. I use it to also refer how I came up with them as a immature beginner artist.) Also their ''True'' story designs (major examples being the official biographies of my Js.) They do indeed have a ''philosophical'' aspect that I have explain in this journal: Explanation of: Pride, Insecurities and Hatred.

Back on track, a major example of the Slick and True designs:  Compare1 by JaneSonia

I want to point out this does bring a huge mistake, or a bless in a curse. It does drive my audience such as you, to confuse the same character, but in their alternate settings.

Taking Jane, my first ever made oc, has went over various ways of redesigning her character, but for a reason I did not draft her old version. Throughout my years on deviantart  (being  major part of my online art displaying), I have shown the Slick Jane entirely as my mascot. Later onto this account, I finally mature her design to become an Official Protagonist Driving Character (OPDC), being specially made into my project The Colossian Planet.

A few things over these two versions is that, they are still the same character, with the same personality, but under different circumstances and settings specially. Jane as her Slick version still goes under the loss of her parents at an early age, also the loss of her uncle later in her life, but instead of turning to her major decision, she becomes rebellious instead. Strangely enough this would be an alternative setting with a society alike Earth's (her clothes are not fitting for the Colossian setting). I do not give much importance to this version of the character for it is something as relief for my personal gain... although it has contributed to make side stories of this character.
Such as:
A 900 Pound Hug by JaneSonia (being able to interact with myself)
[PP 0.4] Jane being dat boi by JaneSonia(referring to meme culture)
Back [New account fresh start!] by JaneSonia (arriving here newly to let know my old watchers who wanted to continue watching me)
[II] The Double Trio by JaneSonia (also roleplays; which does give this character a story to protagonist in. And I also love doing.)

In contrast upon the development of her True version, simply the same beginning but she dedicates her life into HER
setting's society. I give more importance to create and make into a reality of illustrations showing the Colossian Planet.
[D] An Ambassador's journey by JaneSonia [SPECWIP] portrait study by JaneSonia [D] ''Frustration'' by JaneSonia
I believe this version isn't as capturing as the Slick version, for it wasnt the character with ITS ''original'' draft design. As well giving more time and thought into creating the moments of her story of what truly happens, has taken me a lot of time. Although, I did pick this version in the beginning or mid of last year.

I have also made a grand mistake with the ''Mixture'' of these two versions. Im referring to:
A Painter's battle. by JaneSonia [Scene] Visiting a neighbor planet by JaneSonia Years Later by JaneSonia 
Which kind of makes this character become... a traveler of worlds? still being the artist she is and I horribly dragged as well Jennifer and Jaylin into this mix version. 

Reflecting over this entirely, I see how I grew to educate myself into storytelling, but majorly understand character design. Ironically, this blessing in a curse is what made me mature and develop all my main ocs  character design to the fully fleshed out biographies. I still regret creating the Mixture version though, which can bring alot of confusion, I simply dont remove them for seeing how I tried to make them have a purpose.

A little thing though, I can only blame myself to grow into those mistakes, BUUUUTT the only situation, that the same character of the Slick and True version mixes WELL. Is this small comic: [C] Language by JaneSonia

and perhaps even the mixture version blend in with the true version:  [WPD] I by JaneSonia

Im honestly glad I come to making these silly pieces or even able to link the design of another to perfect or interpret into the final design.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about this, I thought it was actually fun to gloss over and help clarify, since my whole gallery is sort of a cluster of this confusion pattern. (note to self: probably would need membership to organize the folders better into this patterning)

  • Listening to: its like 3 am lmfao.


Spot the mishapen beaks in my gallery and you get a prize (maybe joking):
The puppet mouth looling beak
The dough bagel looking beak
The deform stretch mouth looking beak
The beaks that are not supposed to be on that character
I dont know why or what it is when one revises over their whole gallery. More in the aspect of trying to see improvement but how in the universe got you there, what made you think of the idea; hell, what kind of pain/happiness/pride/nonsense did you see in doing that piece of art work.
I honestly baffle myself eachtime when creating my ocs. I have to say, whoever watch me by the time I created Jennifer and Jaylin. Im sorry LOL. Ah the thing about those two was the most stupidest idea that actually worked.

I need more of those.
my Hiatus (still doing my own stuff while juggling the other):


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